Value-Based Design

Value-Based Design $50 + shipping

How do you justify the economic value of your design practice – and charge what you’re worth? With Value-Based Design, our newest book.

The definitive end to the “value debate” in the design industry, Value-Based Design has taught hundreds of designers how to focus on measurable results. The print book comes with an accompanying workbook, Applied Value-Based Design, that will teach you how to start practicing value-based design on today’s problems.

As DevBridge’s director of product design Chris Wilkinson said, Value-Based Design won’t make you a better designer: it’ll make you a better design professional.

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Cadence & Slang

Cadence & Slang® $40 + shipping

The fastest way to understand interaction design, Cadence & Slang is a series of evergreen guidelines that advocate simplicity, consistency, and humanity in technology. Its ideas have influenced the past decade of computing across all devices, platforms, and business needs.

Former director of growth at Twitter Doug Williams once called it “a must read for anyone that designs interfaces for humans.” Others have called it “staggering” and “mind-blowing.” Now in its second edition, with over 3,500 copies sold since 2010.

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Draft Evidence

Draft Evidence $25 + shipping

A how-to guide for running an independent business, Draft Evidence is a compendium of essays written between 2007 and 2016. It’s helped hundreds of people build more stable and durable practices in the tech industry.

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Value-Based Design, Cadence & Slang, and Draft Evidence

All 3 Books $115 $100 + shipping

Get all 3 of our books for $15 off, and save a boatload on shipping:

  • Value-Based Design
  • Cadence & Slang
  • Draft Evidence

The Whole Enchilada

Finding Clarity in Uncertainty: How to Win in Ecommerce During Tough Times

Finding Clarity in Uncertainty $7

It’s a weird, scary time. And unfortunately, we don’t have a magic spell for you that will fix everything. But we do have a game plan – and we’ve written up everything we know for getting through the current moment. We want you to have the strongest business possible going forward. In a sea of hardship, we want your business to be the exception that succeeds.

The coming months and years will witness a shakeout of businesses that fail to adapt. Don’t make yours one of them. With our actionable mini-book, Finding Clarity in Uncertainty: How to Win in Ecommerce During Tough Times, you’ll be able to figure out what to do next – and maximize your chances of survival. It’s brief & actionable by design: you can read it in a half-hour and get back to saving your business.

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Draft × SonnenzimmerDraft × Sonnenzimmer (Detail)

Draft × Sonnenzimmer $5 + shipping

We worked with our friends at Sonnenzimmer to create a limited-edition, two-color print for Draft, as a gift for our clients and closest friends. Here’s how it looks up close.

Only 50 were made, and we’re selling an extremely limited quantity at cost. Suitable for archival & framing. You basically only pay for shipping. 18”× 24”, ships in a sturdy tube. Don’t sleep!

Only 8 Left