New: Store Design, mini how-to guides for profitable design.

Store Design: Making the case for design in ecommerce.


Store Design

Wondering where to start with your store’s design? We’re answering the question for you.

Store Design will be a new, evergreen text about how to design for online stores. In it, we make the case that design is essential for online stores, that nothing is truly undesigned, and that design can be reliably profitable. Then we provide some steps for you to get started, no matter what stage you’re at. It speaks the truth, because we know no other way.

We are serializing Store Design slowly, and then printing the full thing later. Our first installment, self-titled, went into the high-level principles; it is now sold out.

Then we released You installed a heat & scroll mapping tool on your store, signed up for a paid plan, and then never used it for some reason. It is about heat & scroll mapping. Copies are still available.

Our latest, Talking to People, is out now as well. It’s about how to run customer interviews, which are the most economically beneficial research method.