Some more on Draft:


Draft is a small interaction design consultancy.

We conduct research-driven optimizations of online stores, so they can grow without needing to increase their ad spend. Rather than running the usual marketing playbook, we use design research as our fundamental tool for optimization. We operate as consultants, focusing on strategy, working exclusively with executive teams. Here are some examples of our prior work.

Over the past few years, we’ve learned that most online stores don’t hire CRO resources until well after they’re needed – and once they start, hiring and training are extremely difficult. So, we’ve tried to create a reliable way for stores to get started: by thinking about customers’ behavior, responding to their needs, and fixing any leaks in your store’s funnel. This generates outsize revenue for our clients.

We take on no more than 5 active clients at a time. There is usually a wait list.

Why you want to hire us

We’ve been running A/B tests for longer than you’ve known of their existence. We work only with high-performing stores, by brands you’ve probably heard of. We fare particularly well in rapid growth situations.

We’ve written over 100,000 words on the subject of research-driven optimization for online stores. We’ve written 5 books on the practice of design. We teach everything we know.

We are well-respected in a field where competence and integrity are in short supply.

Our two-year track record has seen routine increases of $500,000 ARR, 5% AOV, and 10% conversion rate. In certain cases, we’ve seen outlier results like 34% reductions in manufacturing expenses, doublings of sales volume, massive improvements on mobile, etc.

In short, we make back more money than we cost, every single time. If we don’t, we fire ourselves.

Why you don’t want to hire us

We get results by making design decisions at the executive level. If you’re looking for a dime-a-dozen A/B testing agency to put your ideas into practice, Draft simply isn’t it.

We have a specific way of doing things that is moderately unfamiliar in the space we operate in. Graphic design comes naturally to most stores; design research does not. Over 90% of our design practice involves conducting research. We need the space and latitude to do lots of weird stuff in the service of research. Then we will make you lots of money. Some stores have cultivated an unfortunate natural immunity to research; perhaps yours is one of them.

We do not implement unresearched tests, no matter how good of an idea you may think they are. We research them first. This means we operate more slowly than most online stores would like us to. Think “deliberate, intentional strategy” and not “spray & pray”.

Next, if you seek the cheapest possible solution to your problem, you shouldn’t be considering us. We are not cheap. But we are worth it.

If you hate amusing GIFs, please run screaming in the opposite direction.

Finally, we self-identify as feminist, and donate a significant portion of our annual revenue to radical left-wing/anti-fascist organizations. If that’s a problem for you, the solution is quite easy: don’t work with us.

If you’re interested

Mash this link and tell us about yourself. The more you can give us, the better. Your first email tells us a lot about how we might work together. Obviously, it will all be kept in the strictest possible confidence.

Come correct. Come poised. We promise to do the same. We’re honored to help.