Value-Based Design


Value-Based Design

Value-Based Design will be released on January 7, 2019, at 10 AM Central Time.

Live in Chicago? Come to our release party on Thursday, January 03 at 7pm at Sleeping Village (Belmont/Ridgeway). We’ll have copies on hand for a small discount, before Value-Based Design goes on sale to the general public. We look forward to seeing you!

Early impressions of Value-Based Design

IDEO software designer Ben Syverson:

With Value-Based Design, Nick gives designers a powerful method to connect the dots between Human-Centered Design and business outcomes. His approach helps close the loop on qualitative insights with quantitative data – not just as validation, but as fuel to inspire further iterations. With his signature clear-headed style, Nick weaves together the “why” and the “how,” with practical advice from years of experience. I can’t wait to share Value-Based Design with colleagues, and put more of these techniques into play with clients.

Kurt Elster, CEO of Ethercycle:

After working in web design for a decade, I still found myself having “ah-ha” moments while reading Nick’s book. Reading and internalizing Value-Based Design could very well be the difference between being a good designer and being a great designer.

Nick’s book did two things for me: it showed me how to prove my worth (so I can charge more & win more), and it helped squash the imposter syndrome monster that lingers in the back of all professionals’ minds. An hour on the couch with Value-Based Design will pay dividends for years to come. It’s quick, accessible, practical, and fun.

Test Triggers’ Josh Frank:

When you’re responsible for an ecommerce business’s success, it can be easy to slip into executing tactics and “growth hacks” looking for the next big thing. The practical and systematic approach outlined in Value-Based Design is the antidote we all need. Nick’s experience and no-fluff writing style make this an oft-visited resource for me. This book should come packaged with a bulk pack of highlighters.

Chris Wilkinson, director of product design at DevBridge:

At its core, design is sifting through inputs, understanding intent, and creating an intentional solution addressing a specific purpose. Value-Based Design gets at the heart of the matter, focusing on techniques that will allow you to draw clear lines from the intentional solution to the outcomes you create. It won’t make you a better designer: it will make you a better design professional.

Value-Based Design

Coming January 7

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