Draft Evidence

A how-to guide for running a durable, stable independent consultancy.


I’ve been reading a lot lately about how work is drying up. How it’s harder to go solo. How people are only freelancing when they can do so between jobs. Draft is a rare success story during these times. Last year, Draft made over USD $200,000 revenue as a solo, remote design practice.

Lots of people are interested in my business model and design practice, and I try to share everything I know – through one-on-one coaching, a podcast, and weekly letters that are routinely read, quoted, and shared by thousands of people.

Draft Evidence is a print-only book that will teach you a lot of broad strategies for creating a sustainable design practice of your own – while reclaiming the notion that a business can serve the life you want, instead of the other way around.

Draft Evidence is a compendium of essays, letters, blog posts, interviews, and photos. It articulates a point of view about business, community, and life that could help you build a more stable and durable practice for yourself – which could, in turn, help you lead the life you want.

The print run was funded on Kickstarter this past April. An extremely limited number of copies are available right now:

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Thanks for your interest, and I hope you have an awesome day!