Studio Draft


For the first time since 2013, Draft is taking on a small number of one-off, bespoke consulting projects.

Using design to generate value

Draft practices classical human-centered design to achieve contemporary business goals. Our tools range from customer interviews to usability testing to high-fidelity prototyping. Unlike other consultancies, we don’t perform theater to make executives happy: we work for impact and nothing else. As a result of this focus, our impact is significant, with typical average revenue per user increases of over 40% as of press time.

After enough time, we find ourselves being called in to do other things beyond our typical work. This ranges from customer retention & experience, to upsell configuration, to strongly personalized email marketing.

Exploring new avenues together

Within this moment of transition, we find ourselves gently stepping back, taking it all in, viewing things with curiosity & wonder. We want to expand the possibility space of what we offer. Give us an expensive problem, a known blind spot. What would clarity look like for your business?

Our minimum level of engagement is $10,000 USD, paid upfront. If you have something you think we should work on, please reach out to begin a conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

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People like working with us

If you’re doing at least 7 figures online, working with Draft is a no-brainer. Nick and team will deliver results that pay back now and into the future. And even more valuable than the work that Draft delivered, they upskilled our entire organization by infusing design thinking and optimization into our culture, which will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

– Patrick Bissen, Planet of the Vapes

Nick has been AMAZING to work with. So knowledgeable and easy going. Suggests changes, implements them, and helps us grow our business. All the while being super communicative and easy to deal with. Can’t ask for more than that.”

– Ezra Firestone, Smart Marketer

PS: If you’re looking for us to optimize your store, go here, instead. Hooray!