Case Study: egghead

Defining product strategy – and growing MRR by 71.4%.


Since January 2016, Draft has worked closely with egghead to define its product roadmap, investigate its viewers’ & instructors’ behavior, and bring clarity to the highly competitive space of online programming tutorials. Since we began together:

  • We designed and helped launch an instructors’ center to provide high-touch editorial guidance.
  • We took ownership of analytics, using a Draft Data project to monitor performance and make corresponding strategic recommendations.
  • As a result of our work together, egghead was able to execute a clearer strategy to expand their audience & grow their business – and their monthly recurring revenue has increased by 71.4% as a result.

What we’ve done for egghead

We started with a one-off research project into their instructors. How do people decide to become instructors for egghead? What are the big roadblocks in producing one’s first lesson? How do the most successful instructors create new lessons & courses?

Midway through the project, egghead became a Draft Revise client – so we could focus the public-facing site on conversion-focused improvements.

Then, in early 2017, egghead came back with a request for more research: this time into their viewers. How do people interact with the site right now? What encourages them to upgrade to a paid account? And how can we encourage people to get more value out of the site?

Through most of 2017, as our first Draft Data client, we took ownership of analytics in the organization – and created monthly strategic recommendations for improving and redefining key metrics as the business grew.

Finally, we ended 2017 with another research project, this time to audit & analyze egghead’s many competitors. This was a cross-team effort, as we looked to both egghead’s employees and many instructors to cast as wide a net as possible – and then make sense of it.

In the words of egghead’s Joel Hooks:

[Our projects have] worked out extremely well, and lifted everything that we do. We aren’t guessing, or using our intuition for every decision. We still guess and intuit, but we can now often refer to well-executed research to feed and support the decisions we make. More, please.

Do you really listen to your users?

Every successful business does – and we focus exclusively on helping new stores and software business do so. Growing businesses find it hard to listen to their customers; there’re only so many hours in the day, after all, and every team member wears many different hats.

We bring focus and intentionality to the process of monitoring analytics, interviewing customers, and providing actionable guidance that meaningfully moves the needle for your business. If you want to begin a conversation, you should reach out today.

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