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Draft Data: Do something with your analytics, once and for all.

Acting on analytics is hard.
Is that harming the growth of your business?


Does your business make over $500,000 a year? It’s crazy how much data you’re already gathering about your customers. Even if you just have Google Analytics configured, that means you have:

  • their demographic profile,
  • funnel behavior,
  • conversion rate,
  • advertising performance,
  • the difference between desktop and mobile,
  • load times,
  • and traffic sources,

…to name but a few. But what are you doing with all that?

Analytics only matter if you act on them

Data is easy to gather, but hard to synthesize into revenue-generating design decisions. Most of the time, you sign up, throw some JavaScript on your site, and forget about the whole endeavor five seconds later.

This makes sense on the face of it: you always have more pressing matters with your business. Google Analytics is a byzantine horror: for example, ConversionXL’s intro guide to do basic site preparation is 5,179 words long. If you follow it, you’ve blown an afternoon, there are three other fires that need to be taken care of, and you haven’t even looked at any data yet.

And that’s just for Google Analytics! If you’ve installed Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Hotjar, or any of a litany of other tracking tools, you may not have prepared them properly – and even if you have, you still need to figure out what they provide, and take action accordingly.

Analytics are insanely valuable – and you’re probably losing a lot of money if you aren’t continually looking at your analytics and figuring out what to do next. You’re already gathering all sorts of insights into what’s leaking revenue, what drives your customers to buy, and what segments of customers to focus on.

In my 11 years of design experience, I’ve never seen unsubstantiated hunches beat well-researched data for any business. Never. Not once.

Analytics can teach us a lot, including and especially what design decisions are liable to work. No matter how big your business is, you can always take a look at your analytics and find ways to improve your funnel in a way that materially improves your business’s conversion rate, average order value, and lifetime value.

The data you gather from analytics can and should be translated into revenue-generating design decisions on a consistent basis.

Are you getting value from any of your analytics?

Is there a clear procedure for making sense of them? Is someone given ownership over them in your organization? Most businesses are strongly disincentivized from having anyone take ownership of analytics. But you’re probably sitting on a gold mine and not doing anything about it. Here’s one client of Draft’s, right after sending the CEO their first report:

And we hadn’t even done anything yet. I just wrote a report. After that, I helped their team put everything into practice – which subsequently moved the needle on the biggest metrics that their business cares about.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone run your analytics, fix outstanding bugs, sift through your valuable data, and synthesize an actionable plan – so you & your team could get back to work? Presenting Draft Data, a custom-tailored, actionable, analytics-driven strategy for your business.

Make your data work for you

To start, we’ll kick off by configuring your analytics correctly – and fixing anything that’s broken. It’s not enough to just install a tracking snippet and leave it – especially if you’re running more sophisticated event tracking in GA or Mixpanel.

We’ll configure your goals, funnels, get revenue tracking working correctly, and bug fix anything that’s gone awry. Those tasks alone should pay you back in terms of resources, as they’re easy to get wrong and hard to understand.

Then, every month, you’ll get a report that summarizes any new developments in your analytics, statistics worth paying attention to, any significant bugs (and a concrete plan for fixing them), and any action items that we should launch before our next report. You’ll also get a list of what to try out next, as well as suggestions on what new metrics we could potentially research.

Nothing you’re measuring is off the table for this. This is a full-service consulting engagement that synthesizes every bit of data you’re gathering for your business. In the past I’ve done deep dives into all sorts of third-party utilities: Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Wistia, YouTube, any survey form generator you can think of, and every popular A/B testing framework on the market today.

So, what outcomes should you expect? Well, first off, there’s the peace of mind in knowing that your analytics aren’t busted to begin with. Imagine what would happen if you let your analytics run into perpetuity – and then when the time came to act, you hadn’t been collecting the data you really need. Now we’ll be able to catch issues before they spiral out of control.

But more importantly, you’ll get actionable, revenue-generating design decisions every month that are rooted in the way people actually interact with your business. And you’ll get someone who can coordinate with your team to make these improvements happen. If you take action on my recommendations and you don’t make my fees back in the first quarter, I’ll fire myself.

Routinely checking in on analytics will allow us to be more intentional and clear about your business’s growth.

Who this is for

  • Businesses with significant amounts of inbound, wallet-out traffic – and durable ways to sustain it. If 99% of your traffic beelines to the login button, or you have a 93% bounce rate, you need to clean up your traffic sources and get more wallet-out customers continuously finding your business. The best way to do that is through outreach, advertising, and education – and other consultants are better at that than I am.
  • Businesses that want to measure the impact of educational initiatives & design decisions. Analytics are terrific for this, especially when it’s part of an ongoing strategy!

Who this isn’t for

  • Businesses that don’t focus on data-driven conversion strategies. If you rely more on intuition and emotion to run your business, more power to you. In my job, I get more satisfaction out of actually using data than on playing therapist to someone who needs to be convinced of the core mission.
  • Businesses that are too siloed to take advantage of data-driven insights. I would strongly recommend against hiring me to untangle your busted culture. There are plenty of consultants who are better at that, and I can introduce you to many of them.
  • Businesses that have chosen not to make any money. I only work with bootstrapped, independent businesses that work directly with their customers and don’t chase growth as a power play.
  • Businesses lacking any design or development resources. You need at least a part-time resource to put our recommendations into practice. If you need help hiring someone, you’ll get my rolodex and a lot of introductions.
  • Consultancies & agencies. They’re too relationships-driven and have low conversion rates. Neither of these are bad things, of course, but they do significantly reduce the value of analytics. You’re better off hiring someone awesome like Blair Enns to help you improve your deal pipeline.
  • Businesses with over 100 employees. At that point, you probably do need to hire one or more people full-time for this.

Who’s responsible for this

I’m Nick Disabato, an interaction designer and writer from Chicago. I’ve previously worked for great clients like Gravitytank, New Music USA, and Chicago Magazine. I look like that drawing to the right, there. You can read a longer bio if you’re still curious.

I have 11 years of experience in the design industry, and I wrote one of the most important texts about it. People have called it “a must read” and “beautiful and thoughtful”. Having sold over 3,500 copies, it’s now in its second edition. I also wrote Ecommerce Conversion Rate Academy, a how-to guide for using research insights to create revenue-generating design decisions.

Take Advantage of Your Data-Driven Gold Mine

As a business owner, one of your biggest challenges is to find people who are demonstrably qualified to do the right work. Fortunately, you just found me. Draft Data is $5,000 per quarter, payable upfront. Compare that with the cost of not taking action – or hiring an analytics expert to do this for you full-time. We’re laser-focused on providing a solid return on your investment, and don’t want your money if we can’t help you out.

I’m only helping 3 2 businesses at a time on this, in order to stay as maximally valuable to them as possible – so I suspect this will sell out quickly.

Starting a conversation takes just 5 minutes, and it begins with mashing this button right here:

Apply for Draft Data today

If you’re curious, you can take a look at Draft Data’s terms and conditions, which I’ve tried to make as readable as possible.

Do you still have any questions? That is reasonable! I’d love to hear from you; I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great day.

Nick Disabato

PS: Want someone to help you out on testing strategy, too? You may want to take a look at Draft Revise, a quarterly A/B testing and optimization service.

PPS: Thank you for reading this whole page. Here’s a pic of my dog.