Worried about how your store will survive the current moment?


It’s a weird, scary time. And unfortunately, we don’t have a magic spell for you that will fix everything. But we do have a game plan – and we’ve written up everything we know for getting through the current moment. We want you to have the strongest business possible going forward. In a sea of hardship, we want your business to be the exception that succeeds.

The coming months and years will witness a shakeout of businesses that fail to adapt. Don’t make yours one of them. With our actionable mini-book, Finding Clarity in Uncertainty: How to Win in Ecommerce During Tough Times, you’ll be able to figure out what to do next – and maximize your chances of survival. It’s brief & actionable by design: you can read it in a half-hour and get back to saving your business.

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The author.

Nick Disabato

I’m Nick Disabato, a designer and writer from Chicago. Most people call me nickd, though. My work has generated over $6 million in additional revenue for awesome businesses like The Wirecutter, ConvertKit, Smart Marketer, Planet of the Vapes, and New Music USA. “He” & “they” pronouns are fine for me.

I’m probably most well-known for writing Cadence & Slang, a small book about interaction design that’s repeatedly been called the most essential resource for building usable & humane technology. It’s sold over 3,500 copies and counting. More recently, I’ve also written Value-Based Design, the definitive answer to how design can economically help business.

Buy for $7