Internet nope.


Hi, you’ve reached Draft’s 404 page. “404” is an error code that the web uses to tell you the file you seek is not found. You may have seen it before in your daily travails, no matter how quotidian or lofty they may be.

I know why the code is “404” and not, say, “678” or “57237520835” or “π/2”, but as a typical reader of the internet, it really shouldn’t be your place to know. And it’s kind of dumb and boring anyway, like the thing you google at a party to sound interesting, or settle a debate. All you need to know is that we, as a society, settled on 404 as the number to mean “internet nope.” So: internet nope, kind reader. Not here. Try again.

I’m terribly sorry about this. As the organizer of this website, it’s my responsibility to ensure that you get the information you need. Obviously this failed in some capacity. So if you need, here are a few helpful Draft-related links:

No matter where you end up, though, be it Draft or elsewhere, never blame yourself for the shortcomings of technology. It was made by a bunch of fallible, squishy meat sacks just like yourself. And I assure you: none of us ever get things right the first time.

Do let me know if you have any further concerns, and please have an excellent day.

Warmest regards,
Nick Disabato