Case Study: Thigh Society

Conversion Rate Up by 34.15%, Revenue Up by 69.54%

Thigh Society

The leading retailer of anti-chafing slip shorts on the web, Thigh Society retained us in August 2020 to explore mobile improvements, new options for their seasonal offering, and a clearer strategy for their content.

Since we began working with Thigh Society, we’ve:

  • Increased year-over-year conversion rate by 34% through a series of winning A/B tests.
  • Provided significant design advisory during a seasonal transition & holiday period.
  • Coordinated extensively with Thigh Society’s development team on tactical prioritization.

What we did for Thigh Society

First, we interviewed customers, through phone calls & usability research, in order to gain insights that helped us focus more on the specific pains Thigh Society has set out to solve.

Then, we slimmed our pages down, keeping what works and tossing what doesn’t, which improved page load time & the overall browsing experience.

And finally, we re-architected a planned comparison page as bullet points on their home page, allowing customers to understand the differences between our products more quickly & easily.

Since starting work with Thigh Society, our tests have had a 40% win rate with an overall year-over-year conversion rate improvement of 34% & a revenue gain of 69.54%. Mobile, a significant area of focus, increased in conversion rate by 36.22%, with a revenue bump of 69.83%. These gains should sustain themselves into Thigh Society’s busy season, allowing for a significant increase in annual revenue.

In the words of Thigh Socety’s founder Marnie Consky:

Nick’s been great to work with and ramped up quickly to learn more about women’s anti-chafing underwear than he probably ever wanted to! He patiently answered all of our questions about his assumptions & methodology from the get-go, and he suggested & implemented changes that we’d never have thought of ourselves. The data-driven insights he gleaned from our website & customers will definitely position us for more success in the future.

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