Case Study: Planet of the Vapes

Conversion Rate Increased by 20%+ After Initial Fixes & First Round of Tests

Planet of the Vapes

From July 2019 until May 2020, Planet of the Vapes retained Draft to optimize their store. They were doing well, but knew that there was still opportunity for improvement, especially given a long history of legacy code and stagnant design.

In 2023, Planet of the Vapes returned to us to continue researching their customers, running revenue-generating experiments, and leading design throughout the company.

Since we began working with Planet of the Vapes, we’ve:

  • Increased conversion rate by 20.44% after implementing one-off fixes and a handful of winning tests.
  • Guided the team through their biggest BFCM ever, with a year-over-year revenue increase of over 20 times our quarterly fees.
  • Helped lead design for the release of a brand new product.
  • Interviewed dozens of customers and non-purchasers to understand their motivations within an increasingly competitive landscape.
  • Led the organization’s culture shift towards design thinking and evidence-based decision-making.

Throughout, we’ve acted as a design resource for the rest of the team, helping them with their upsell take rate, navigability, sorting, accessory configurations, home page strategy, and smart search.

What we did for Planet of the Vapes

First, we put together a concrete strategy for the home page, since the vast majority of inbound traffic was going there. What do we feature in the masthead, and why? What blog posts do we feature, and when?

Then, we recommended a handful of one-off fixes that, in conjunction with our first round of A/B tests, increased the store’s conversion rate by over 20%.

Finally, we put together a concrete strategy for design research that listened to customers, put together specific archetypes based on their broad-stroke needs, and proposed a content outline to meet those needs.

Since starting work with Planet of the Vapes, we’ve run over 36 A/B tests with a 48% win rate, compounding our gains in conversion rate, AOV, and ARPU. Planet of the Vapes’ CEO Patrick Bissen says:

“Nick and the team at Draft over deliver on their ‘value-based design’ philosophy. Draft’s value was clearly attributed, with the ROI on their CRO work exceeding our expectations. And we’re not even calculating the value that their work will continue delivering in the future!
If you are doing at least 7 figures online, working with Draft is a no-brainer. Nick and team will deliver results that pay back now and into the future. And even more valuable than the work that Draft delivered, they upskilled our entire organization by infusing design thinking and optimization into our culture, which will continue to pay dividends for years to come.”

Need to start making decisions based on evidence?

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