Case Study: Ogee

Average order volume up by 8.38% from new free shipping threshold; ARPU increased by 15.45%.


Starting in May 2019, Ogee retained Draft Revise to optimize their site. They were doing well, but knew that there was still opportunity for improvement, especially given that they had not optimized their store in the past.

Since we began working with Ogee, we’ve:

  • Increased AOV by 8.38%, after implementing and testing a series of free shipping thresholds.
  • Designed and coordinated buildout of numerous mobile-first improvements.
  • Coordinated a comprehensive test of upsells, from modal to cart to post-purchase.

Throughout, we’ve acted as a design resource for the rest of the team, helping them with their navigability, data, and traffic quality.

What we did for Ogee

Overall, we’ve helped Ogee base their decisions in evidence, shown the precise impact of making bold changes, and de-risked the business’s operations in the process.

We’ve mocked up a handful of new tests, coordinated & prioritized the entire optimization queue, answered any questions from the team as they’ve come up, addressed miscellaneous feedback about applying our tests to other stores that Ogee’s team runs, come up with new solutions for picking colors of Ogee’s makeup products, and gradually optimized our mobile add-to-cart functionality.

Need to start making decisions based on evidence?

You should probably consider optimizing your store. If you need a clear, coherent strategy, and you sell in enough volume to A/B test effectively, reach out and apply for Draft Revise today.

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