Case Study: My Favorite Quilt Store

Increased ARPU by 52.07%. Ran over a dozen experiments with a 62% win rate.

My Favorite Quilt Store

One of the best quilting supply stores on the internet, My Favorite Quilt Store worked with Draft starting in September 2022 to help research their customers, make & plan thoughtful tests, and optimize the store within an inch of its life.

During our 10 months with My Favorite Quilt Store, we:

  • Helped execute over a dozen experiments that improved ARPU by 52.07%.
  • Mocked up numerous new features and shepherded a comprehensive rework of upsells.
  • Advised on marketing, communications, ad performance, and competitive issues.

It took My Favorite Quilt Store four years to get their first 100,000 orders. Alongside Draft, it took eight months to get their next 100,000.

What we did for My Favorite Quilt Store

Online quilting stores exploded in popularity as people stayed home in 2020 and went online to get their supplies. My Favorite Quilt Store hired us because they practice value-based design culturally already, and wanted to take their practice to the next level as they worked to capture an expanding market & nurture relationships with established regulars.

We ran multiple rounds of research that informed numerous user experience improvements on the store, and we helped with significant overhauls of the home page, product detail pages, and filters & sorts on collection pages. New upsells were developed from the ground up, and every element was measured to determine its effectiveness & performance for the long term. In our first quarter, our experimentation resulted in a conclusive ARPU increase of 52.07%.

Once our experimentation work was finished, we transitioned into an advisory retainer that has helped guide the team with prioritization of fixes, execution of new experiments, and high-level strategy with respect to competition. We spoke near-daily on specific tactics, high-level approaches, and overall helped to ground My Favorite Quilt Store’s team as they kept navigating the growth of their business.

Through our work together, we’ve done everything we can to set My Favorite Quilt Store up for continued success.

My Favorite Quilt Store’s James Pieper said of our work:

Nick has helped us understand our customers for long before we worked together. I’ve followed Nick’s podcasts, mailing list, and books for years, and when the time was right I jumped at the chance to have Draft help us out. Draft has given us a better understanding of our customers, clarified our strategy, and grounded us every time we met. Over the time we’ve worked together, Nick has evolved from a valuable level-up to an indispensable business partner.

Want more revenue? Listen to your customers.

Our method has de-risked design operations and increased revenue for more than a dozen stores over the past few years. We research customers, ground our decisions in evidence, and make sure you’re making the most of your time & resources. We’ve run over 600 A/B tests since 2012, with a cumulative win rate of 62% as of press time.

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