Case Study: Kosmo’s Q

Increased conversion rate by 32.04% and ARPU by 136.10%

Kosmo’s Q

Kosmo’s Q makes the best BBQ supplies on the planet, from rubs to sauces to competition gear. They worked with Draft from March 2021 until September 2022 to help them with their conversion rate & expand their customer base.

During our time with Kosmo’s Q, we:

  • Optimized a retheme & replatforming to get conversion rate back to its previous baseline, and exceed its local maximum.
  • Prioritized, executed, and analyzed 61 experiments over the course of 18 months, 25 of which conclusively won, for a win rate of 40.98%.
  • Increased conversion rate by 32.04% and ARPU by 136.10% with our successful experiments from our best quarter.
  • Provided a clear sense of customer archetypes, from home cooking enthusiasts to caterers to wholesale customers.
  • Ran a significant test on free shipping that increased organic revenue by 193.71%, ARPU by 109.8%, and conversion rate by 134.46%, with an 8% hit to AOV.

What we did for Kosmo’s Q

What didn’t we do for Kosmo’s Q?

We clarified strategy, directed a team of five plus two developers, ran over 60 experiments, wrote a dozen educational emails that beat their previous courses on open, click, and conversion by double, optimized their upsell flow within an inch of its life, and launched over a hundred one-off fixes. We held space on their most load-bearing change ever, a shift to free shipping that fulfilled two years of customer requests while still keeping the business afloat. We helped them make sense of five years of content across a half-dozen channels. We acted as their fixer for a year and a half, both doing the dirty-hands work of bugfixing their conversion funnel and co-creating on all sorts of strategy that brought them to their highest AOV ever.

Throughout, we helped the business understand the possibilities inherent in expanding their customer base. Kosmo’s started out as a competition BBQ brand, by nerds & for nerds. Throughout the pandemic, we brought all sorts of home cooks into the fold, teaching them how to succeed with the tools they have at home. In doing so, we softened the blow of iOS 14.5’s impact to their inbound traffic, and helped them weather rough times throughout the past two years.

Kosmo’s were one of the most important clients that Draft has ever had. They trusted us with everything. Everything. We remain immensely grateful for the opportunity to transform their business, to rethink the way they communicate to their customers, and to help them understand themselves and their role in the industry. I guess we also made them a lot of money.

Kosmo’s Q’s Ed Elliott said:

Working with Nick and the team at Draft was like having an extension to our internal team where we seamlessly work side by side to take the business to the next level of success. We learned so much about who our customers really are, and we were able to quickly translate that knowledge into actions on our site that increased our success. Anyone looking for a team to help take your business to the next level: you won’t go wrong with choosing them.

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