Case Study: JBugs

Conversion rate increased by 10.98%
after redesigned home page went live.


Since March 2019, JBugs has retained Draft Revise to optimize their site. They were doing well, but knew that there was still opportunity for improvement, especially given a long history of legacy code and stagnant design. Since we began working with JBugs, we’ve:

  • Increased conversion rate by 10.98% from the home page, after releasing a wholesale redesign.
  • Overhauled the left-hand navigation store-wide, after showing that it didn’t harm conversion rate or engagement to rework it.
  • Removed considerable amounts of legacy code that persisted from almost 20 years of old design decisions.

What we did for JBugs

Overall, we’ve helped JBugs base their decisions in evidence, shown the precise impact of making bold changes, and de-risked the business’s operations in the process.

We’ve also made ourselves available as a design resource for our whole first quarter together. We’ve mocked up a handful of new tests, answered any questions from the team as they’ve come up, addressed miscellaneous feedback about applying our tests to other stores that JBugs’s team runs, discussed banner callouts for an upcoming test, offered feedback on updated designs for the home page, and began proposing the broad strokes of smarter search.

According to JBugs’s head Jeff Vogl:

Nick has completely transformed the way our team looks at our website, and our culture around making website changes. For that, I am extremely grateful.

Need to start making decisions based on evidence?

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