Case Study: FurryFreshness

Conversion Rate Up by 32.49%, Revenue Up by 15.06%


FurryFreshness sells a new, highly effective formula for cleaning up your pets’ messes. FurryFreshness began working with Draft in March 2021 in order to optimize their existing store and fix a lot of issues with their previous theme

Since we began working with FurryFreshness, we’ve:

  • Increased year-over-year conversion rate by 32.49% by rolling out dozens of one-off fixes & usability improvements.
  • Increased year-over-year average order value by 15.06% by improving our upsell flow, adding smarter upsell logic, and replacing our cross-sell row with a smarter cross-sell that makes more sense for the products we offer.
  • Prioritized & project managed new tests & one-off fixes with FurryFreshness’s developers.

What we did for FurryFreshness

We began working with FurryFreshness when they had a lot of technical debt – from landing pages that hadn’t been updated in a while, from multiple developers making changes to the theme, and from no consistent front-end design effort being made across the store.

That gave us a lot of opportunity to make one-off fixes to get their store up to a reasonable baseline for conversion. We ran usability tests to figure out what to do, and then we removed an underperforming landing page, reduced the number of clicks to place a transaction, and cleaned up many elements that customers weren’t looking at.

Then we got to testing. We had a handful of big winners, but our biggest came from replacing the typical randomized cross-selling row that you see on default themes’ product pages with one that was smarter & more focused on increasing AOV.

Across the quarter, we helped FurryFreshness retain a development team, put fixes into place, and follow up with them on higher-priority changes. We saved the store from shipping conversion-breaking bugs at least twice. In general, we acted as ideation engine and project manager, grounding our decisions in evidence & de-risking all development operations for the business.

In the words of FurryFreshness’ founder Bryson Bilicek:

Working with Nick was a great experience and had a great impact on our business. If Nick has an opening in his roster, then you should definitely take the opportunity to have him work with your brand.

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