Case Study: BOOM! by Cindy Joseph

$500,000+ Annual Lift in 4 Months of Testing & Optimization


BOOM! by Cindy Joseph hired us to optimize their store. Before we ran a single A/B test, we increased their conversion rate by 9.51% – by optimizing the page and reducing its weight for mobile customers.

Then, we increased conversions by another 4%, for a total lift of 13.3%, through three rounds of successful, research-driven A/B tests. Overall, this resulted in an increase of over $520,000 annually for BOOM!, based on projections from our previous year of sales.

In the words of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph’s CEO, Ezra Firestone:

Nick has been AMAZING to work with. So knowledgeable and easy going. Suggests changes, implements them, and helps us grow our business. All the while being super communicative and easy to deal with. Can’t ask for more than that.

What we did for BOOM!

According to Google Analytics, their average page load time was 16.8 seconds. That is crazy high, and it’s almost certainly been harming conversion. Here’s all of the evidence proving that. I cut it by a third by doing a few things:

  • Compressing all images with Guetzli.
  • Removing redundant JavaScript calls. For example, most pages were calling jQuery 4 times, and Wistia up to 11 times.
  • Removing a couple of image-heavy widgets that were located pretty far down the page – which we found out that hardly anyone was even seeing, after running scroll maps on the most-hit pages in their funnel.

To be clear, a one-third improvement still doesn’t result in the world’s best load time. We could always improve this – but then we’d be cutting into how the page currently operates, and I wanted to keep everything else fairly constant to start.

After we launched these changes, BOOM!’s conversion rate went up by 9.51%.

So, to recap, Draft:

  1. Looked at a store’s analytics for 5 minutes.
  2. Did a few things that took maybe an afternoon to implement.
  3. Made the store a lot of extra money, into perpetuity.

What happened next

After we picked that low-hanging fruit, it was time to start testing. We started by focusing on page weight, especially on mobile. Over 80% of BOOM!’s first-time visitors come in through smartphones, yet smartphones convert at only a third of the desktop conversion rate.

Our first 4 rounds of testing were focused on cleaning up the page and making it more scannable and understandable on smartphones. We were able to pick a lot of low-hanging fruit on a site that hadn’t yet been optimized concertedly for mobile. Since we began working together, BOOM!’s conversion rate has increased by 13.3%.

Do you want to capture lost revenue?

Then you should probably optimize your store. As one of the ecommerce community’s biggest success stories, working with BOOM! – and its partner, Smart Marketer – taught us a lot about what works and what doesn’t on Shopify. If you sell in enough volume to A/B test effectively, or are just wondering what converts well on your store, you should reach out and apply for Draft Revise today.

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