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Teardown Intensive

Learn the new normal. Adapt and survive.

Wednesday May 20, 2020
12p-2p CDT


Are you a store owner on Shopify who doesn’t know what to do next?

It’s okay to not know. Everything is weird & uncertain now. We live in a new normal. And you need to know how to thrive during a period when growth isn’t easy.

How can you adapt now?

What are you doing to respond?

Is it enough?

Is it right?

You need to know what will help and hurt your conversion rate, AOV, customer lifetime value, and brand goodwill. We’ve spent the past month and half trying to find out what works – while dealing with our new reality ourselves.

Know what to do next

The best way you can adapt is by learning from the best – and getting an expert to pick apart your own work. Introducing Teardown Intensive, a value-packed two-hour online workshop that will teach you how to rework your content, pitch, and values to match your customers’ new needs.

First, we’ll summarize what some of the best stores are doing from a content, design, and branding perspective to respond to the current moment.

Then we’ll go through a handful of your stores, picking apart what you’re doing – and providing actionable steps for improving each one of them.

Finally, we’ll have a 30-minute Q&A period where we answer your questions and give you exactly what you need to move forward.

And if you can’t make it to Teardown Intensive live, we’ll make the recording available immediately.

Trade despair for excitement

After our last workshop with Val Geisler, BFCM Bonanza, Matt Hall of Kajabi had this to say:

Have you ever seen a movie that changes how you see the world? And suddenly the world feels a little different, a little more exciting? Watching this workshop was one of those moments for me in business.

And Jason Resnick said:

BFCM Bonanza was outstanding. I had watched the replay and took copious amounts of notes to review this weekend. I'm sure that there will be a ton of thoughts, questions, and customer conversations to be had.

Your host

Nick Disabato

I’m Nick Disabato, a designer and writer from Chicago. Most people call me nickd, though. My work has generated millions in additional revenue for awesome businesses like The Wirecutter, ConvertKit, Cards Against Humanity, Smart Marketer, Planet of the Vapes, and New Music USA. “He” & “they” pronouns are fine for me.

I’m probably most well-known for writing Cadence & Slang, a small book about interaction design that’s repeatedly been called the most essential resource for building usable & humane technology. It’s sold over 3,500 copies and counting. More recently, I’ve also written Value-Based Design, the definitive answer to how design can economically help business.

Enroll now

Our goal is to give you a clear set of actions to take going forward. We want you to be wildly excited about the coming weeks.

Teardown Intensive is $149. You will probably make our fees back within a day or two. Enroll here and we’ll be in touch with next steps soon:

Enroll for $149

We’re limiting this to only 40 more participants, so you might want to enroll soon.

Thanks so much for reading, and we hope you have an awesome day.

Nick Disabato

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